About us

Holiday residence was established with the intention to offer to the visitors an alternative choice of considerable saving compared to higher classical hotels present in our territorial area.
Our aim is to put an ideal living to all those who seek peace and relax, comfort and elegance.

We are the first in this kind of business to offer flats/apartments completed with essential equipments, comfortable and especially independents, always appreciated by our clients past and present, thanks to our experience and professionalism.

The numerous feedback received from our clients helps us to constantly improve, finding new and better solutions to make an excellent and pleasant stay.

Our flats/apartments are located inside an old building (1800), inside the centre of Catania; they offer an ideal accommodation to spend a vacation full of traditions, culture, and taste in the pulsing heart of Catania.

1_PSF7225The facility is very close to the “Teatro Massimo Vincenzo Bellini” opera house in Teatro Massimo street.

Our guests may visit the most important archaeological sites, monuments, museums, public garden and historical streets.

Traditional food is available all around our facility, offering restaurants also family’s conducted, ice-cream, cafe, pizza restaurant, shopping shops, along with numerous streets of Catania centre.
The night time can be spent walking through the busy streets (no traffic allowed) in order to enjoy numerous events in many pubs existing around the facility. The apartments/flats are very close to the Catania main Train Station (5 minutes) and most city buses to go/come back around the city. The Catania International Airport “Fontanarossa” is located about 15 minutes from our facility.

The apartment/flats are located in a strategic position, so that it’s easy to visit all fantastic hinterland areas with small tows all around Catania, gardens, till up the huge Volcano Etna, through various little towns from the sea level to above the Etna mountain, where you can admire the beauty of nature and the richness of Sicily.